19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

Enabling continuous delivery


DevOps at IP EXPO Nordic is the industry’s only free-to-attend event for the DevOps community. Our DevOps-focused keynotes, seminars and solutions help you make agile architectures and continuous delivery a reality in your business.

2017 Speakers

Simon Fisher
Simon Fisher

Senior Solutions Architect

Chef Software

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Simon Fisher

Simon Fisher is a Solutions Architect at Chef. Having started off his IT career in development, he has spent the last few of those years helping people improve their DevOps practices through the use of automation. In his spare time he runs a website for people with Type 1 Diabetes in Ruby on Rails.  Twitter: @simfish81

Karina Popova
Karina Popova

DevOps/System Engineer Lead

LINK Mobility GmbH

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Karina Popova

Karina is a well-known woman in tech, an experienced developer and an international speaker. She has been worked as Developer Lead last 10 years. She has confident communication, leadership skills across different levels, developed through international professional interaction and engagements with representatives of various government institutions or IT companies using agile environment across the world. Her social responsibility and communicative competence are demonstrated in the organization of professional networks, events and conferences. At the same time she gained public speaking skills through frequent academic presentations, workshops and participation as a speaker at IoT and DevOps conferences.

Ilkka Turunen
Ilkka Turunen

Solutions Architect


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Ilkka Turunen

Ilkka Turunen is a Solutions Architect working at Sonatype in Europe and Asia. His background is in software and systems engineering, acting as an architect for several commercial projects. He's helped define everything from the software design to webscale infrastructure architectures and regularly works with companies across the world to understand and improve their software supply chain and continuous delivery pipelines.

Kevin Reeuwijk
Kevin Reeuwijk

Snr. Technical Solutions Engineer


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Kevin Reeuwijk

Kevin has been in the IT industry for 19 years. The nature of his work covers a wide range of fields from infrastructure consultancy and architecture, to pre-sales, product management and internal development. Kevin's technical knowledge covers Linux, VMware vSphere, vCloud Director, Azure and, of course, Puppet.

Welcome to DevOps

  • The DevOps area, at IP EXPO Nordic offers DevOps-focused keynotes and seminars with the event helping you further the vision of agile development in your organisation.

    Learn how to bring development and operations teams together to eliminate duplicated effort, increase efficiency and speed up key processes. You can also find out how the latest DevOps solutions and architectures can help you speed up IT deployments and deliver IT agility based on continuous development best practices.

    DevOps is co-located with: Cloud & IoT, Cyber Security Nordic, Networks and Infrastructure, Data & Analytics and AI.

  • Automation

    Automation is the Holy Grail for DevOps, promising stable environments and rapid, consistent builds. However, the process of deploying automation that really works can be complicated, especially if you are dealing with a patchwork of legacy technologies. In the DevOps area, industry experts can help you through every step of the automation process, from fully understanding your existing environment and requirements, to selecting the right automation tools and training your staff.


    There are countless reference architectures available to support continuous development, and they are all subtly different. In the DevOps area, we bring you the insight and advice you need to choose the best architecture to meet your specific development needs.

    Continuous Development/Delivery

    Successfully delivering new releases on a continual basis requires processes that are highly efficient, predictable and sustainable. In the DevOps area, you can fine-tune your Continuous Development strategy based on dynamic, programmable, automated processes.

    Rapid Deployment

    For most IT organisations, time to market for software releases is a key success factor. In the DevOps area, we showcase a range of technologies that can help you fine-tune your DevOps strategy and deliver releases and updates faster.

  • Here at IP EXPO Nordic, we want to deliver an event that is tailored to your needs. Be sure to take advantage of our Tech Point, an area dedicated to:

    Event Help

    Something you can't find or need help with? Speak to one of the guys at Tech Point. Here to help you find your way, advise you on seminars and direct you across the show floor.

    Exhibitor Info

    Unsure which vendors to talk to? Be sure to ask our team and pick up an exhibitor list based on our six tech areas.

    Free Consultancy

    Have a specific tech requirement? Partnering with us are the IG Group who will be offering all registered visitors free personalised consultancy, tailored to the explicit requirements of your business and IT environment.


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