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DevOps at IP EXPO Nordic is the industry’s only free-to-attend event for the DevOps community. Our DevOps-focused keynotes, seminars and solutions help you make agile architectures and continuous delivery a reality in your business.

DevOps @ IP EXPO Nordic

  • The DevOps area, at IP EXPO Nordic offers DevOps-focused keynotes and seminars with the event helping you further the vision of agile development in your organisation.

    Learn how to bring development and operations teams together to eliminate duplicated effort, increase efficiency and speed up key processes. You can also find out how the latest DevOps solutions and architectures can help you speed up IT deployments and deliver IT agility based on continuous development best practices.

    DevOps is co-located with: Cloud, Cyber Security, Networks and Infrastructure, Data Analytics and Open Source.

  • Automation

    Automation is the Holy Grail for DevOps, promising stable environments and rapid, consistent builds. However, the process of deploying automation that really works can be complicated, especially if you are dealing with a patchwork of legacy technologies. In the DevOps area, industry experts can help you through every step of the automation process, from fully understanding your existing environment and requirements, to selecting the right automation tools and training your staff.


    There are countless reference architectures available to support continuous development, and they are all subtly different. In the DevOps area, we bring you the insight and advice you need to choose the best architecture to meet your specific development needs.

    Continuous Development/Delivery

    Successfully delivering new releases on a continual basis requires processes that are highly efficient, predictable and sustainable. In the DevOps area, you can fine-tune your Continuous Development strategy based on dynamic, programmable, automated processes.

    Rapid Deployment

    For most IT organisations, time to market for software releases is a key success factor. In the DevOps area, we showcase a range of technologies that can help you fine-tune your DevOps strategy and deliver releases and updates faster.

  • The IP EXPO Nordic Tech Clinic

    This year, IP EXPO Nordic will be offering all registered visitors FREE, personalised consultancy, tailored to the unique requirements of your business and IT Environment.  With a huge range of exhibitors, specialists, consultants and technologies on offer at the event, we want to ensure you get the most from your day.

    Our consultants are highly qualified and specifically chosen from across the industry with deployment experiences from Commercial, Public Sector and SMB.  The knowledge of our consultants will allow them to advise on technologies that will meet your needs and provide valued insight to your projects.

    Simply drop by on the day.

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