19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan
Kista Science City AB

Kista Science City AB

Kista Science City AB

Kista Science City AB is continuously working on developing and marketing the site and innovation cluster Kista Science City. Our task is to improve the conditions for those active in the region by promoting beneficial collaborations between companies, research, academia and public actors. We coordinate several of the networks, projects, events and meeting places that make up the engine in Kista Science City's ecosystem for development and growth. Kista Science City AB does this by marketing Kista Science City locally, regionally and internationally.

The Electrum Foundation is the head of Kista Science City AB.


Urban ICT Arena

The Electrum Foundation observed a structural transformation taking place in urban environments due to digitalization and realized that this creates new requirements for collaboration, innovation and development. This led to the creation of Urban ICT Arena, where Sweden will be futureproofed and Kista’s ICT cluster will grow stronger than ever with the help of several Not Boring Projects in an urban environment.

Urban ICT Arena is a collaborative platform with various formal and informal meeting places as well as an accessible physical and technical infrastructure along Kistagången, both physical fiber and wireless. It will, among other things, be able to serve as a test bed for new business models, collaborative and educational forms, Innovations and features. Urban ICT Arena creates the right conditions for tests and demonstrations where the new technologies get a place in a living urban environment.