20 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2017 / Stockholmsmässan

Keynote Theatre

Wed 20th Sep 12:25 to 12:55

Reality of Blockchain - when disappointment should not become discouragement

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionise digital transactions in the same way that the internet democratised the sharing of digital information. New blockchain companies, consortia and collaborations are announced every day – particularly within the finance industry. But equally we hear a lot of discussions about how disappointed and discouraged companies are. Mostly this can be contributed to poor education, lack of skills and understanding in teams. We need to collaborate and expand our views on how can we create projects in Open Source community.

What you will take away from this session

  • Lessons learned from the first hype of blockchain: the only way we can create productive solutions is through collaboration across platforms and across companies. Together we fight divided we fall.
  • Implementing Blockchain based technologies is better done in Open source.
  • We are still very early on which means we make mistakes. We should be very careful and give ourselves time to understand the consequences.
  • Development of new technologies in Open Source community allows to sustain code beyond the lifetime of a single company.


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