19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

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  • Wed 20th Sep 13:30 - 14:00
  • Beyond The Hype; How Attackers Win Add to Schedule Steve Manzuik  |   Duo  |   Cyber Threat Protection

    Cyber Threat Protection Theatre

    Wed 20th Sep 13:30 to 14:00

    Beyond The Hype; How Attackers Win

    Movies, TV and even some non-fictional press leads most to believe that a cyber attack is a complicated endeavor conducted by teams of highly skilled people. The reality is, that most successful attacks are not complicated in the least. This presentation will highlight real world attacks, why the attackers were successful and how they could have been stopped. Some new open source tools to battle phishing will be covered as well as a strategy to deal with disappearing network perimeter. 


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    Steve Manzuik Steve Manzuik View Profile

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