19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

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  • Thu 21th Sep 12:25 - 12:55
  • The Shift to Self-Defending Networks Add to Schedule Andrew Tsonchev  |   Darktrace   |   Cyber Threat Protection

    Cyber Threat Protection Theatre

    Thu 21th Sep 12:25 to 12:55

    The Shift to Self-Defending Networks

    In this session, Darktrace will present a live demonstration of its dynamic 3D interface, the Threat Visualizer.  This industry-leading visualization and detection tool graphically represents an organisation’s entire network and demonstrates the threat level that it faces at any given time. Utilizing powerful visualization techniques, the Visualizer provides 100% network visibility and enables organisations to investigate the anomalies detected by the Enterprise Immune System.  


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