20 - 21 SEPTEMBER 2017 / Stockholmsmässan

Marcus Ahnve

Company: Valtech Sweden

Job Title: Technical Principal at Valtech Sweden

Marcus Ahnve

I wrote my first BASIC program using pen and paper in 1981, and I have worked professionally with software development since 1996, mostly creating web based systems.

As my first professional assignment was a Smalltalk project, I was early on trained in what was to be called Agile methodologies. I have run projects using XP and Scrum since 2001 and am today an active member of the agile community in Sweden as a conference arranger and speaker. 

During my career I have worked both as a consultant and in product companies. After trying non-technical roles I have found that I enjoy programming too much to let it go. These days I mix programming assignments with coaching, helping teams improve their processes and programming skills.

 As a programmer, I strongly prefer working with open source products and frameworks. The technical topics that interest me most these days is functional programming in Clojure and automating infrastructure configuration.

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