19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

Anna Rehnström

Company: Basefarm

Job Title: VP, Infrastructure

Anna Rehnström

With a background as an officer within the Swedish air force and a civilian security career as CSO and CISO plus being Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control, Anna holds many of the keys to successful management of IT operations. She now runs Basefarm´s private cloud services, a tight 365/24/7 operation of mission critical services using traditional datacenter platforms and hyper converged technology. Anna has built her IT operation management competence over + 10 years holding strategic management positions in both EVRY and Basefarm. 

She is committed to have a structured risk management flow through all value chains, a never-failing recipe for making the right decisions and creating strong and self-driven technical global teams. Favorite quote of all times: Admiral Ackbar: It´s a trap!


Anna Rehnström Seminars

  • Ask not what the cloud can do for you – tell the cloud what you want. Wed 19th Sep 11:40 - 12:10

    Ask not what the cloud can do for you – tell the cloud what you want.

    In 2018, we have seen the use of cloud services increase like an avalanche. Applications created for the cloud that can scale themselves according to load. This imposes a different set-up of the control mechanisms throughout the organization. How do you know if your services running in the cloud matches your security expectations?

    The IT department is shifting its focus from traditional infrastructure to development of digital services, and the daily balance act of security versus "Faster time to market" and flexibility can sometimes be more reactive than proactive.

    Be prepared! Involuntary surprises are not an option any longer for you and your organization.

    Become the world class jumper horse who knows and respects the obstacles enough to be able to overcome them.


    Anna Rehnström

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    Wed 19th Sep 11:40 to 12:10

    Cloud, Network & Infrastructure