NOVEMBER 2019 / Stockholm
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Brian Curran

Company: Oracle

Job Title: VP Innovation and Design

Brian Curran

Brian Curran has been at the forefront of Human Centered Design, Customer Experience and Business Innovation for multiple Fortune 100 Brands as well as many start-ups in senior executive roles ranging across Operations, Customer Care, Sales, Marketing and E-Commerce in the Automotive, Communications, Consumer Electronics and Technology Industries.

His design background is derived from being thrust into situations that were either totally disruptive in nature to the organization or being tasked with resurrecting a failing department, function or brand. With an eye on immediate improvement to the financial health, Brian has deployed multiple design disciplines such as Kaizen, Six Sigma, Service Design, Design Thinking and Agile, to name a few in the pursuit of driving employee engagement and innovation focused on delivering compelling business transformation that produces results.

Brian has the good fortune to have worked on many of the transformations that we take for granted today such as working with Steve Jobs and Eight Inc. to build the first Apple Store within a Store at CompUSA in 1997 (a learning opportunity through fast failure), Determining whether to build on the Amazon platform with Jeff Bezos in 2000 (decided no as they were going to be a competitor some day) and eventually instead building the first Click and Collect (Buy online / Pick up in store) capability in the world.

Brian’s team even designed the first FedEx facility built within the walls of an e-commerce shipping facility at Simplicity in order to expedite driving consumer confidence that products would arrive on time. The best way to describe his formal training is as a “Charmed Life” caused by being in the right place at the right time. His formal education has been in the trenches of day to day business learning from failure and eventual success.

Upon arriving at Oracle, Brian has focused a majority of his time on helping the company embrace Human Centered Design. His team’s latest creation, IDEA, is a series of workshops and engagement strategy focused on equipping, enabling and empowering the innovator to get ideas executed within their own organization.