19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

Dr. Christian Guttmann

Company: Nordic AI Institute

Job Title: Executive Director, Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute, Professor in AI

Dr. Christian Guttmann

One of his main commitments is on strategy and execution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for business and government organisation. He has over 20+ years of industrial, scientific and technological experience in AI. At Tieto, BT, IBM, HP, successful startups and top ranked universities, he led innovation teams using artificial intelligence & machine learning. He creates high-impact AI systems and products, patents and scientific publications. He shares state of the art information on his Linkedin and Twitter frequently, you are welcome to follow him on those channels.

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Dr. Christian Guttmann Seminars

  • The Artificial Intelligence race is on, and much bigger than you think Wed 19th Sep 13:20 - 13:50

    The Artificial Intelligence race is on, and much bigger than you think

    Every business turns their eyes to new markets and opportunities in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but very few business are really ready to seize these opportunities. I will outline how you move from your initial AI baby steps to capturing emerging markets, what is required to position yourself well, and what competencies you need to bring globally competitive products and services to your current and future customers.


    Dr. Christian Guttmann

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    Time / Place

    Wed 19th Sep 13:20 to 13:50

    Access Plus: AI, Analytics, IOT & Blockchain