IP EXPO Nordic 2018 - CEO of AwareGo, Ragnar Sigurdsson, will be speaking at IP EXPO Nordic
19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

Ragnar Sigurdsson

Company: AwareGo

Job Title: CEO

Ragnar Sigurdsson

Ragnar worked as a penetration tester where he noticed the employees were always the weakest link but after presenting his ultra boring security awareness training slides a few times, he decided there had to be a better way to deliver the message andi n 2007 AwareGO was established.  Ragnar is a Certified Ethical hacker and a CISSP.


Ragnar Sigurdsson Seminars

  • Cyber security, the human element Thu 20th Sep 15:00 - 15:30

    Cyber security, the human element

    Technical solutions are just not enough these days, with employee manipulation and mistakes a part of up to 95% of breaches, IT cannot look past the need for security awareness.


    Ragnar Sigurdsson

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    Time / Place

    Thu 20th Sep 15:00 to 15:30

    Cyber Strategies