IP EXPO Nordic 2018 - Head of Awareness for Falanx Group, Rob Shapland will be at IP EXPO Nordic
19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

Rob Shapland

Company: Falanx Group

Job Title: Head of Awareness

Rob Shapland

Rob Shapland is an ethical hacker with 9 years’ experience conducting penetration tests for hundreds of organisations, from small businesses to major international organisations.

He specialises in simulating advanced cyber attacks against corporate networks, combining technical attacks with his other hobby of dressing up and tricking his way into company headquarters using social engineering techniques.

He is also a regular speaker at events and conferences around Europe, and has appeared on both BBC and ITV as a cyber security adviser. He holds qualifications from SANS, Offensive Security and CREST, and has been trained in social engineering techniques by Chris Hadnagy, one of the world's leading practitioners and researchers.

Rob Shapland Seminars

  • Lessons from a red team exercise Wed 19th Sep 13:20 - 14:10

    Lessons from a red team exercise

    Ethical hackers from Falanx Group conduct red team tests to help organisations understand where they are vulnerable to advanced attacks. This presentation describes each step of a real-world exercise: planning and recon, spear phishing, telephone social engineering, building access, network exploitation and data exfiltration.As the story develops, you will discover how an attacker thinks, why they choose a particular strategy and what you can do to minimise your organisation’s vulnerability to advanced threats.


    Rob Shapland

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    Time / Place

    Wed 19th Sep 13:20 to 14:10

    Cyber Technologies