NOVEMBER 2019 / Stockholm
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We at JFrog set out on our journey in 2008, with the mission to transform the way enterprises manage and release software updates. We’ve realized that the world has changed, and users now expect their software to update continuously, non-intrusively and without them even knowing, this hyper-connected world experience can be enabled by automation and an end-to-end solution for software artifacts only. With this in mind, we’ve developed the world’s first universal artifact management platform, ushering in a new era in DevOps – Continuous Updates. Ten years later, with thousands of customers, and millions of users globally, JFrog has become the “Database of DevOps” and de-facto standard in release and update management.

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White papers

12 reasons to use a binary repository manager when developing with Java
This paper shows how a Binary Repository Manager such as Artifactory can boost the productivity of your organization’s Java development teams by managing and optimizing access to binary artifacts, integrating with build systems and facilitating open source governance.

White_Paper_Java.pdf 1.42 MB

10 reasons to use a binary repository manager when you are developing with Node.js
This paper shows how a Binary Repository Manager such as Artifactory can reduce development and build time while requiring very little effort from your organization. This is done by managing packages, ensuring optimal and reliable access to and more.

white_paper_NPM.pdf 876.35 kB

JFrog Enterprise+: An End-to-End Platform for Global DevOps
The JFrog Enterprise+ platform is designed to meet the growing needs of companies to develop and distribute software and provides DevOps with the tools needed to create, manage and deploy software with ease. Following, are the components of the platform.

White-Paper-Enterprise-Plus-An-End-To-End-Platform-For-Global-DevOps.pdf 1.28 MB

Docker: Secure Clustered HA Docker Registries
Artifactory is a secure, robust Docker registry; a single access point to manage and organize your Docker images. With full support for the Docker registry API, Artifactory works transparently with the Docker client.

DockerWhitePaperJFrog_June2018.pdf 1.04 MB