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Data compliance is an essential part of the Database DevOps process

Friday 10 August 2018

At first glance, the desire to implement DevOps and the requirement to meet increasingly demanding legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), appear to be mutually exclusive. You want to go down one road, but you’re being pulled down another.

Look a little closer and a different picture emerges, because DevOps aligns neatly with ‘data protection by design and by default’, one of the main drivers of the GDPR. DevOps enables software to be delivered in a consistent, reliable and repeatable way, and provides an audit trail of changes made.

Redgate - Data

Include the database in DevOps and the apparently arduous task becomes easier. Companies are recognizing that the same DevOps processes that bring big benefits to the development of applications, also needs to be introduced to the development of databases, or they risk becoming a bottleneck in the delivery process.

As a result, Redgate have created solutions which integrate with, and work alongside, the same infrastructure used for developing applications. Developers can work on updating applications and databases simultaneously, in the environment they’re already familiar with, and ensure the speed and efficiency that DevOps brings is incorporated.

Wherever you are on your journey to DevOps, the advantages of including the database have now become even clearer.

Don’t miss Chris Kerswell’s seminar on Data privacy & protection: A logical extension to DevOps. It is running in the DevOps and Serverless theatre on Wednesday 19th of September at 15:00.

You can also meet the Redgate team at stand 202 at IP Expo Nordic, where you can enjoy Fika with us every day of the event.