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Eat the Elephant - the new EU Data Protection Regulation

Tuesday 20 June 2017

The most common mistake being made by organisations which have started their GDPR journey is they see compliance through IT spectacles.

Start with people not it-systems
For example, to get evidence of data processing activities, a IT-centric approach will give a disjointed view of your data-assets which are flowing in your business processes. Sure, personal data is stored in IT systems, but if you came from a business process approach you would get a consistent view aligned with your organisations business functions, what you get for free is ownership of personal data which is the same as accountable owner for the business process.


Cut the Elephant
What I see as one of the largest initial risks is that your privacy project risks becoming an enormous elephant that will basically give you indigestion if you try to eat it all at once. Be creative and cut the projects to as small parts as you possibly can. Grab ‘low-hanging fruit’. Are you following industry best practices? Are your business processes documented? There is loads you can do even before you call in the GDPR troups!

At IP EXPO Nordic Sep, 21, Karen Lawrence Öqvist, CEO Privasee, will speak about how you can navigate through the complex landscape of GDPR and how you can use a common language to bridge business, it and legal. She will share tools and techniques which is actionable across your organization for GDPR-compliance.