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Most Swedes are checking work emails during vacation

Thursday 21 July 2016

Do you check your work email account during your vacation? You are not alone. A majority of all Swedes will check their work email during their summer vacation, and 16 % of all Swedes will even check for emails every day. This according to a new survey conducted by IP EXPO Nordic, part of Europe’s number one enterprise IT event series, taking place in September 2016.

A new survey conducted by Sifo shows that only three out of ten Swedes clearly state that they will not check work e-mails during their summer vacation. Men will check emails more often than women, and people living in Stockholm are the strongest email readers in the country. 


– Swedes have longer summer holidays than other parts of the world, but on the other hand they rarely switch off. The ability to easily scan the inbox can be both relaxing and stressful depending on who you ask of course. It is obvious that the office is not necessarily a geographical location, but a state of mind nowadays, says Bradley Maule-ffinch, Director of Strategy for IP EXPO Event Series.


The results

How often will you check your work email account during your summer holiday?


  • Several times per day               5%
  • At least once per day                11%
  • Several times per week             11%
  • At least once per week              14%
  • A few times during my holiday   15%
  • Not at all                                 30%
  • I do not have a work e-mail         10%
  • I do not know                            5%


About the survey

The survey was conducted via TNS Sifo’s web panel during June 11–16 2016. In total, 1279 interviews were conducted online with randomly selected respondents age 18 and older. The results are representative for Sweden in terms of gender, age and region.

Sifo’s web panel does not allow any self-recruiting of respondents.

IP EXPO is Europe’s number one enterprise IT event for those looking to find out how the latest IT innovations can drive and support their business.  In 2016, IP EXPO will be held in London, Manchester and Stockholm. Behind the IP EXPO Series stands Imago Techmedia, which also organizes the Cyber Security Event Series, UC EXPO, and Unified Communications Insight. 


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