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Swedish IT Security Index from Advenica at IP EXPO Nordic

Tuesday 11 July 2017

The Swedish IT Security Index consists of an analysis of strategic and operational maturity, where the overall result is plotted on the X axis and the combination of damage rate and the damage effect is plotted on the Y axis. In order to ensure that the respective areas are reflected from relevant perspectives, the survey covers more than 50 questions.

The survey shows large and consistent differences regarding the security work between different industries. The financial industry is characterized by showing great maturity in relation to its risk, while the municipal sector has a lot of work in front of them when it comes to IT security. The county councils stick out when it comes to the risk, which is a reflection of their activities within healthcare and public transport.

The degree of maturity is clearly over the funding for county councils.

Notably, 7% of organizations with more than 1,500 employees lack an IT security policy. In combination with the world being digitized, IT security has become the boards issue in many companies. However, the survey shows that in 75% of cases, the board is not regularly informed of the security situation.

Every 5th company has not identified its protective assets. The lack of an analysis of protective assets is very serious and can lead to significant losses / injuries when you do not understand the values that you have to protect.

The main threats we see are the "lost trust for the organization" / "long-term impact on our brand", which is found in most industries. Danger of lost business is most accentuated within trade and the theft of intellectual capital is naturally a more pronounced threat to the private sector than the public.

The financial consequences of lack of IT protection are significant: More than 15% of the companies have walked away from doing business due to IT security risks. In individual cases, very large organizations have also resigned from transactions that exceed 10% of the turnover. Great values have thus been lost.

Anders StrombergJonas Dellenvall from Advenica will be speaking at IP EXPO Nordic 2017