NOVEMBER 2019 / Stockholm
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Cyber Threat Intelligence Theatre

Thu 21th Sep 12:25 to 12:55

More Visibility or More Data? The CTI Conundrum

Security best practice tells us that defense in depth is the answer. Multiple layers of security designed to detect and contain attacks. CTI will help our technology identify and block the latest and greatest threats. But, what is the output from all of this?  People still make decisions in security and will do for at least next few years. Our security posture must deliver our analysts visibility - not just more and more data. Darren Anstee will discuss the need for better threat visibility, automated data collation and workflow to help us manage risk.

What you will take away from this session

  • Threats have changed, we have to worry about the more insidious and stealthy attacks that go under the radar of traditional defences.
  • Layered defensive technologies and CTI are key components of security, but the overall effectiveness of our security posture is governed by how well our people can use the technology and data they are presented with.
  • Adding new technologies and feeds that deliver more data to our analysts slows down their decision making process – visibility is the answer – think graph not spreadsheet.
  • Solutions and workflows that integrate and collate information, highlighting what really matters are key to scaling our security capability.


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