NOVEMBER 2019 / Stockholm
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DevOps and Open Source Theatre

Wed 20th Sep 15:30 to 16:00

Measure your DevOps pipeline for faster, better, stronger delivery of your applications

In today’s world, business must be able to deliver and refine software and services faster than ever and be able to respond to changes to the business and market.
Analytics on the machine data generated throughout a DevOps lifecycle holds the key to closing the feedback loops necessary to iterate faster and to support business needs. In this session, we focus on four areas how machine data analytics can improve your application delivery.

What you will take away from this session

  • Increased velocity - Draw insights that allow you to detect and eliminate slowdowns, bottlenecks and waste in your CICD pipeline
  • Cleaner code - DevOps teams to see all the quality issues in new releases and troubleshoot and remediate before release, not after
  • Increased collaboration: All parties—ops, dev and line of business have the same view from information correlated across the development and delivery chain for more collaboration and better decision making
  • Measurable business impact - Real-time visibility of usage, performance, reliability and errors for releases to ensure every iteration is delivering incremental value in line with business objectives


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Ulf Thornander Ulf Thornander View Profile