IP EXPO Nordic 2018 - Get started with DevOps in government
19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

DevOps and Serverless Theatre

Wed 19th Sep 11:00 to 11:30

Get started with DevOps in government

It is about how you get started with DevOps when you are a government agency or a process oriented enterprise organization. I created a model based on our experiences to guide people from start at zero to results and beyond.

The talk will be about our journey, why we started and how we are transforming into a DevOps organization, with all the hiccups we suffered and approaches to manage them. It is about the important pillars of DevOps and about using the strength of the organization to create technical and organizational confidence and to overachieve business and financial expectations.

What you will take away from this session

  • Get started with a team with motivated and skilled members even if your organization is not ready for Devops yet
  • Build reliability, technical and organizational confidence
  • Visualize your goal and your results
  • Keep learning and improving and create flow


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Mieke Deenen Mieke Deenen View Profile