19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

Anders Arpteg

Company: Peltarion

Job Title: Principal Data Scientist

Anders Arpteg

Anders Arpteg, Principal Data Scientist at Peltarion, Chairman of Machine Learning Stockholm, and member of several advisory boards. He has over 15 years experience working with artificial intelligence both in academia and in industry. Holds a PhD from Linköping University, and was previously working at Spotify heading up a research group making use of machine learning and big data to understand user experience. Lately, he has started working to democratize and industrialize AI at Peltarion, making it easier for everyone to start taking advantage of state-of-the-art techniques in AI.


Anders Arpteg Seminars

  • Preparing for an AI-First Future Wed 20th Sep 12:25 - 12:55

    Preparing for an AI-First Future

    Something extraordinary has happened within AI and Machine Learning in recent years. Companies are starting talking about moving into an AI-first future, but what does that really mean? In order to stay one step ahead, we must be prepared for what’s coming next. What has really happened in recent years and what are the next steps and trends in machine learning? What should companies know to be prepared for the rapid development that is happening with ML and AI? This talk will allow the listener a glimpse into the future of AI and what possibilities it holds.


    Anders Arpteg

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    Wed 20th Sep 12:25 to 12:55

    AI, Analytics & IOT