19 - 20 SEPTEMBER 2018 / Stockholmsmässan

Karina Popova

Company: LINK Mobility GmbH

Job Title: DevOps/System Engineer Lead

Karina Popova

Karina is a well-known woman in tech, an experienced developer and an international speaker. She has been worked as Developer Lead last 10 years. She has confident communication, leadership skills across different levels, developed through international professional interaction and engagements with representatives of various government institutions or IT companies using agile environment across the world. Her social responsibility and communicative competence are demonstrated in the organization of professional networks, events and conferences. At the same time she gained public speaking skills through frequent academic presentations, workshops and participation as a speaker at IoT and DevOps conferences.

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Karina Popova Seminars

  • New connectivity feature for IoT: API with multi-network SIM cards Wed 20th Sep 14:50 - 15:20

    New connectivity feature for IoT: API with multi-network SIM cards

    What would you think if you have the network coverage wherever your sensor are, your own independent cloud based network, extremely scalable and global. Nowadays SIM cards and endpoints can be easily managed in real-time via the intuitive user-interface or an easy-to-integrate API. The rapidly changing social and environmental order is becoming more complex as resources grow scarcer and populations increase, it requires just one technical integration point in IoT, which will provide technological fluency in the use big data for public benefit.


    Karina Popova

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    Wed 20th Sep 14:50 to 15:20

    AI, Analytics & IOT